Elizabeth Zümrüt

Creative Producer & Photographer 


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Luana Grigoratou

Bookings & Production Manager

Bookings & Production Manager


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We are Elizabeth and Luana. 2 friends and industry professionals with the same goal. Create beautiful and unique projects in the photo and film industry. No wonder we founded 22bites Production. Connecting Luana’s skills in project management with Elizabeth’s experiences in producing and photography couldn’t end up differently. We share the same values, goals and like to challenge each other with every new opportunity. On top of that, we like fashion, wine, and chocolate chip cookies! Precisely 22 of them. 

After working for 10 years in the media industry, we are excited to get on our own path and bring a fresh and individual approach to working with clients on new creative projects. 

We are blessed to hold degrees in Digital media from UK Universities, however, we have been separately working for many years for the largest companies and productions in Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Greece, and Brazil. After coming to London, we have decided to bring all our media experiences from all over the world and build a company whose mission is not just to produce creative content but also to supports young artists, create opportunities for women, and break misconceptions about working in the media industry. 

Yes, we are very good at management, but from the bottom of our hearts, we are passionate artists motivated to make a change. With a wide network of professionals bringing their own ideas to the table, no concept is the same. Our clients are up-and-coming brands as well as world-known companies. We strive for good relationships and long-term bonds allowing us to get to know our clients and be able to come up with ideas that reflect their values and speak their language. 

No project is too small or too big for us. Simply get in touch and share your idea so we can help you to get started. 

Elizabeth, Luana, and everyone behind the 22bites who helps us to do what we love <3